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This mesmerising treasure chest brings both an earthy and luxurious feel to any space. The calming feeling of nature at its finest. 

This Treasure chest includes;

1 x Driftwood Candle

1 x Boho | Eco Reed Diffuser

10 x Reed Sticks

10 x Matchsticks in small jar.


Driftwood | Natural Candle

This range has been especially designed with limited-edition natural fragrance range. 

Natural Fragrances are an affordable alternative to essential oils. All ingredients are 100% natural are made from pure coconut soy wax (Coco Soy) and are phthalate and lead free. Cocosoy is one of the most sustainable wax to use for eco-conscious customers. Combined with high-quality natural fragrances, each candle is individually hand-poured and created.

Candle diamentions: 7.8cmD x 8.8cmH
Approximate burning hours: 40 hours

Boho | Eco Reed Diffuser

This stunning diamond cut glass has been created to add a luxurious feel to your home. A boho-inspired look to compliment the bottle.

Our Reed diffusers base is an eco-solvent base that does not contain VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) or alcohol. This solution is gentle on the environment and is the most suitable choice for Eco-conscious customers.

Natural rattan sticks are used in the reed base which allows for the oil to easily absorb and be dispersed into the air, creating a welcoming fragrance around your home. 

Reed Diffuser diamentions: 6.3cmD x 11cmH
Approximate product lifetime: 5-6months.


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