CocoSoy Candles

Candles are made from 100% pure coconut soy wax (Coco Soy). They are vegan friendly and phthalate and lead free. Combined with high-quality fragrances, each candle is individually hand-poured and created. 

Cocosoy wax, primarily consists of natural Soybeans and blended Coconut wax, with a unique Vegetable sourced additives to help it set smoothly.
Coconut wax is currently one of the most sustainable wax to use. The candles give good hot and cold scent throw and slow-burning; however, they have a disadvantage of a low melting point. This means the candles can melt easily in summer if stored in direct sunlight. Despite this, there are many benefits of using Cocosoy wax, making it one of the most sustainable wax for Eco-conscious customers.