Travel By Scent <3 Winter Collection

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This collection is inspired by our passion for traveling. With so many travel restrictions, we decided to offer you the world in one package. Our sublime treasure box has four different scents that will take you on a journey in the comfort of your own home.

Our wood wick candles are made from pure cocosoy wax infused with essential oils and fragrance scents leaving a reminiscent touch to each special fragrant.


"a journey to four destinations in the comfort of your home"

THAT WARMING FEELING- Orange and Spice Scent.

Imagine strolling through the Christmas markets with your dearest friends or family. This Soothing, yet invigorating scent of orange, cinnamon & star anise, will warm up your soul in an instant.

Middle Eastern

CALM AND BALANCE- Musky Spice Scent.

Generosity is a big part of the Middle Eastern culture, and one way of showing that largess is through scents- a significance of purity. The lavishness of musk spice will take you on a journey of calm.


COSY & SWEET MATE- Caramel Latte Scent.

Winter in Australia is not on the extreme side. It's easy to rug up with Uggies on and enjoy an amazing Caramel latte by the beach. This sum up the Aussie winter. It's uncomplicated easygoing, cosy and sweet. Really just beaut' and simple mate!

North America

CHILL AND SLOW DOWN- Pine Forest Scent.

Picture yourself taking a slow walk in a deep pine forest and soaking up its healing powers. That cool fresh air dancing through the trees, easing your soul, calming all stress and chilling your mind. Feel refreshed in a flash.

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