A Token of Friendship

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The Gallery JšŸŒ¼ Joanna and I only met a year ago but it feels like weā€™ve known each other a lifetimešŸ’•Iā€™m truly blessed to have metĀ Joanna.
We curated a special ChristmasĀ treasure chestĀ which includes a tropical scented candle and a pair of yellow daisies earrings( the colour of friendship and happinessšŸ’›). Which represents our token of Friendship.

Does our story remind you of a special friend you can shareĀ this token of friendship with?Ā 

Package includes

A pair of Pressed flowers Earrings

A tropical Paradise Little Gem Candle.Ā 

Candle dimensions:Ā 8cmD x 13.5cmH
Approximate burning hours: 12 hours

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